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Q1: Free Shipping?

A1: it is free shipping world-wide via AIRMAIL (HK Post), and America, most country of West Europe & Oceania are free shipping via EMS. 

Q2: When can I expect my order?

Handling time: 2-7 working days, Order over 15 items with customized might takes a little longer

Transit time: You may expect to receive your jersey within 5 -15 business days, it depend on which shipment methods you use. 


 Q3: How can I know my payment is received or not?
A3: We will send you a confirmation once your payment is received.


Q4: How can I use my cash coupon balance in my new order?

A4: There is an option for you to enter the cash coupon balance when you place an new order. 


Q5:Why my credit card payment was failed ?


First , Please made sure you use a Master or Visa Credit Card.

Second, Please made sure you enter the right credit card information,

Third, Please made sure your shipping address and billing address be the same, and try to paid us again.

 If above 3 step are right, Please try several times, cause sometimes it need to try several times, then it work, or you can pay with the Credit Card Channel 2 , sometime it won't work on Channel 1 but work on Channel 2 .


Q6: Why I pay more for my orders?

A6:  First, we only accept US dollars.. As we known, your bank might charge you international exchange rate, so please made sure your account have more money of your order amount .


Q7: Can I change my order after I have submitted?
A7: Before your order shipped, You can change your order details, but the handling time of your order might takes longer . to ensure smooth delivery, please confirm your order details and contact details before your submit an order.